The Compact

General Commitments

All In! is a public/private coalition with a Goal-Oriented Agenda

• Increase the high school graduation rate
from 71.5% to 95%

• Increase the post-secondary cohort enrollment
rate from 61% to 70%; and

• Increase the post-secondary cohort completion rate
from 24% to 50%.

We intend to celebrate these achievements in 2025, while measuring and reporting our progress along the way. Ultimately, we intend to identify and increase the number of young people who are hired into high-demand occupations.

We, as members of this collaborative, consisting of policymakers and civic leaders, local and regional education institutions, community-based organizations, non-profits, businesses, philanthropic agencies, and community leaders, commit to the following:

1. A Common Purpose to align and coordinate the many local, cross-sector efforts (public, private, business, nonprofit, and otherwise) that support and serve Hartford Public Schools (HPS) youth towards achieving the goal of post-secondary education completion and ensure the efficient use of resource in our city;

2. The pursuit of the above Goal-Oriented Agenda to close the talent gap for employers in Hartford and make Hartford a Talent Hub;

3. A unified Collective Action Plan for the city of Hartford with

specific Strategies in Action to better coordinate services in alignment with the Goal;

4. To be knowledgeable about those Strategies in Action and their connection to each other, and be able to articulate the coalition’s goal and purpose in the larger community;

5. To serve as champions and ambassadors of the coalition to promote public demand and to attract additional investments throughout the city and region;

6. To assign a staff point of contact charged with communicating with the coalition;

7. Finally, we commit to Accountability within the coalition to ensure active participation and progress towards the Goal among all members.

Beyond these general commitments, program providers and philanthropic organizations adhere to the following additional commitments within their respective roles.

Program Providers:

Share program and outcome data in order to more effectively target intervention, eliminate unnecessary overlap, and allow the steering Committee to track progress in a public data dashboard.

Philanthropic Organizations:

Consider potential grantee alignment to the coalition’s goals when making funding decisions.