With more than 100 Hartford Public Schools seniors in Summer Youth Employment, 320 applicants to Capital and Manchester community colleges being targeted by ALL IN! summer outreach specialists, 137 seniors supported by Hartford Promise, and another 100+ seniors supported by UConn College Access and Preparation Program, Career Beginnings, Hartford Youth Scholars, Legacy Foundation, Hartford Public Library, Boys & Girls Clubs, Urban League, and the YWCA  this summer, Hartford is going all out to support college enrollment this fall. There are even 22 Hartford Class of 2020 members enrolled in ReadyCT’s virtual Student 5.0 program, which provides a paid stipend and supports students’ post-secondary enrollment. The goal with all these programs is not just quantity, but also coordination, which is a priority of Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.  

As for our Summer Melt program, of the 320 seniors who applied and were accepted into Capital and Manchester community colleges, about 60 percent of them have engaged with our summer outreach specialists, and many of them have already completed their FAFSA and course registration. August is a very busy month for students who complete (last minute) their final matriculation requirements.   Not only will we report on final numbers when we have the data, but we hope, by the end of September, to be able to report on what the rest of the 2020 senior class is doing as well.