We’re off to a great start!

We On Tuesday November 8, we came together to discuss the ALL IN! coalition 2020 priorities and design the next set of action teams. Take a look at the some of the ideas that came out the event.

  • Bringing more private sector advisors into the lives of students  
  • Figuring out how to train and support career/academic advisors at the college level on current industry pathways and what it takes to navigate them  

  • Training afterschool professionals on stronger academic remediation for high schoolers  

  • Creating dual enrollment opportunities for high schoolers to experience college


Let us know if you’re interested in potentially participating on one of the ALL IN! cross-sector action teams. 

We’re scheduling office hours to meet up with you to take these ideas to the next level.  We’ll be happy to schedule a one on one at a time convenient to you. Call (860) 244-3333 or email [email protected]

Other interest areas: 

Yes, I’d be willing to take on a high school or college intern. 

Yes, I want to work 1:1 with a student either as a tutor helping them catch up or as an advisor, helping them with their post-secondary plans. 

Tutor at the high school level / Tutor at the college level  

Advise at the high school level / Advise at the college level

Business, non-profit, higher ed and philanthropic leaders in Hartford have joined together to form the ALL IN! coalition AND YOU’RE A PART OF IT!

We need you to collaboratively identify solutions that will address gaps in services, meet coalition priorities and represent systemic interventions. Out ultimate result…increasing the number of Hartford students persisting and obtaining post-secondary credentials to 50% by 2025.

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