In Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the ALL IN! Coalition Update, we spotlighted corporate volunteer Kevin Timbro, whose commitment to Hartford youth is almost unmatched. The fact is, however, we aren’t looking for that level of contribution from every private-sector leader; we’re just looking for folks to plug in where they can. 

  • For corporate leaders, we just ask that you reach out to us to learn more about the local talent pipeline and consider taking on a high school or college-level intern. 
  • For nonprofit leaders, we ask you to engage in either the College Supports Network of practitioners or the Work-Based Learning Network to share what you’re doing to help prepare youth for post-secondary education and career, and consider sharing data on who you are serving. 
  • For philanthropic leaders, we ask that you consider donating a small amount to the Coalition and joining the Funder Advisory Committee, to share your strategies for making impact, and also to ask your grantees to engage in one of the Coalition’s two practitioner networks. 
  • For higher education leaders, we ask that you reach out to learn more and consider partnering with us on summer melt and campus retention efforts for the Hartford graduates now on your campuses. 

There are already so many oars in the water. We just want to help everyone row in the same direction. Reach out to us [email protected]