Action Teams


When gaps in services are identified, action teams are formed, where by three or more cross-sector partners reallocate resources and develop new ways to address those gaps.

Action teams have formed around the following interventions:

Summer Transition Action Team

supporting high school seniors from their senior spring to the minute they step onto campus the following fall. While 95% of HPS graduates are accepted into college, only 60% enroll in the year following. College students provide the near-peer outreach all summer long.

Campus Retention Action Team

for HPS grads who are freshmen at one of 8 local colleges who opt-in, upperclassmen mentors are assigned to help them navigate college with greater comfort and confidence. Mentors are urban high school grad themselves who have overcome their own challenges to stay in college.

High School Advisory

Supporting high schoolers need for aspiration-building and competency-building, and ensuring that for those who plan to graduate, they graduate with a plan.