2nd Annual All IN! Stakeholder Caucus

All IN! is a public, private, business coalition with a goal-oriented agenda to support Hartford youth on their pathway to future success.

We intend to celebrate these achievements in 2025, while measuring and reporting our progress along the way. Ultimately, we intend to identify and increase the number of young people who are hired into high-demand occupations. There is much work to be done! The stakes are high. We can no longer tolerate the opportunity disparity that exists for our young people; nor can we ignore the economic challenges related to an aging workforce.

The rewards are great. Hartford’s youth will be ready for meaningful careers and prepared to assume their role as informed and engaged citizens. The current talent gap faced by our region’s employers will no longer be a pressing issue. Economic vitality and stronger communities will naturally follow.


Increase the high school graduation    rate

71%   95%

Increase the post-secondary enrollment rate

61%   70%

Increase the post-secondary completion rate

24%   ⇨  50%



Sweeping change requires collective action. We invite the community to join together, focus resources, and support Hartford youth on their pathway to future success.

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